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Federal Legislative Update

Nov 2016 Election Results
View all National Election Results here

  • Donald Trump won the Presidential election
  • Kamala D Harris won the US Senate
  • Republicans maintain majority of House of Representatives
  • Republications maintain majority of Senate


Call your Senator and let them know you DON’T want Jeff Sessions for your Attorney General.
(202) 224-3121

California Legislative Update

Nov 2016 Election Results
View all California Election Results here

Elected California Officials…

  • Lois Wolk – State Senator, District 3
  • Steve Glazer – State Senator, District 7
  • Loni Hancock – State Senator, District 9
  • Jim Frazier – State Assembly Member, District 11
  • Susan A Bonilla – State Assembly Member, District 14
  • Tony Thurmond – State Assembly Member, District 15
  • Catherine Baker – State Assembly Member, District 16

Possible New Laws on the Horizon…

Contra Costa Legislative Update

Nov 2016 Election Results
View all of Contra Costa County Election Results Here
Passed Contra Costa County Measures…

Official Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors…

  • John “Joya” Gioia – Board of Supervisors, D1
  • Candace Andersen – Board of Supervisors, D2
  • Mary Nejedly Piepho – Board of Supervisors, D3
  • Karen Mitchoff – Board of Supervisors, D4
  • Federal Glover – Board of Supervisors, D5

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